MDI Jade

MDI Jade


About MDI>

Materials Data, Inc., (MDI), builds PC tools to make your X-ray powder diffraction analysis as powerful as possible. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. For more than 20 years, we’ve been working hard to find the best ways to analyze diffraction patterns as quickly and as professionally as possible. This has made it possible for our users to present results that go way beyond their prior analysis.

Whether you need to identify five or more major phases in a sample, characterize density and lattice constants, determine particle size and microcrystalline strain, MDI has the tools to help you satisfy your requirements. We bring the most modern methods of analysis to your lab enabling you to satisfy the growing needs of your colleagues who depend on you to tell them what they have.

Phase identification (Search/Match), Quantitative analysis, Rietveld methods, Pattern simulations, Structure viewing – we have it all. Support for databases from ICDD (PDF1 through PDF4) including Cambridge Organics, ICSD (both DOS and FIZ/NIST Windows) and NIST is available.




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